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Before you do anything to address your slow laptop, make sure you have a comprehensive and successful backup, because although you should have a complete backup at all times, now is when you may be most likely to need it. If you are not confident then give us a call.

Common software fixes for under-performing notebooks

  • Run a full antivirus and malware scan, making sure all the all flagged items are dealt with. Often slow laptops are caused by malware!
  • Install and run CC cleaner, this will remove unused temporary data from your PC
  • Remove browser add-ins and extensions from your browsers, CC cleaner can do this for you
  • Try disabling energy saving features by selecting the ‘best performance’ profile in start, control panel, power.

Common hardware fixes for laptop speed issues

A number of hardware problems can cause the laptop to appear as if it is underperforming, some require some quite complex diagnostics so we will focus on a couple of things you can quickly do yourself to repair your laptop.

Please remember to disconnect the power cable and battery before trying either of the above fixes or you could damage your laptop or worse, and never touch a circuit board or internal component directly.

  • Check the temperature and air flow – Overheating causes the processor to slow. If the laptop feels hot then move your face near the rear and side vents and see if you can feel air flow against your cheek. If you can’t the air flow inside may be disrupted by a wall of dust. Use a compressed air can while the laptop is off to attempt to dislodge the dust.
  • If your disk activity light is very busy most of the time, especially when the laptop is suffering from very poor performance then your issue could be caused by lack of memory. Most latops have a two inch cover which can be simply unscrewed on the bottom to reveal the RAM slots, if there is a single RAM chip and a free slot then make a note of the model number an order an additional chip by search for the model on google. If, on the other hand, all the slots are full then ring us and we can assist in sourcing the correct chip. Please note, always hold a memory chip by the edges and gently push it into the socket one corner at a time, do not use excessive force because you may damage the chip or the slot.

My laptop is slow when I am on the internet

It is quite normal to confuse the speed of your internet browsing with the speed of your overall computer. If you have already tried cleaning up your web browser by disabling extensions and add-ons, and applications such as Microsoft Word or computer games are fast then you may find it is your internet connection at fault. Check with your ISP to see if they can shed some light, if not give us a call- we have seen all kinds of speed issues and can probably track down the cause over the phone.

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We can provide a full quote following diagnostics

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