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OXPC offers a collection, drop off and installation service, and because your time is valuable we also offer an out of hours services.

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Laptop keyboard buttons stopped working or are sticky to press, or is your entire keyboard simply not working? If so we can either mend or replace your keyboard in no time just contact us today either via telephone or email.

With our efficient and cost effect service we can give your home or company laptop a brand new keyboard in no time. We also have pick up and drop off services just in case you cant get to us.

Laptop keyboards are usually built into the laptop making it more tricky to replace or repair than a desktop keyboard which is normally an external device that can simply be swapped.

Replacing a Keyboard Yourself

In some laptops you can replace the keyboard yourself but you need the laptop service manual for reference, and a set of small screwdrivers.

Replacing the keyboard may not be a simple task in every for some laptops, so before we carry on if you are worried about damaging your laptop give us a call or email us and we will do it for you at a fixed low price.

Firstly you need to order the correct keyboard, search google for the laptops make and model number followed by “keyboard”. Turn off the laptop and disconnect any external devices, then in most cases you can use, a flat head screwdriver ad the top edge of the keyboard to prize it up. You may need to remove the top fascia to do this, but refer to the service manual for confirmation.

Be very careful when lifting the keyboard as it will be attached to the motherboard by a ribbon cable, release the cable from the motherboard by pulling the brown connectors on either side towards you. You then should be able to install the new keyboard.

Keep in mind that all the above steps may differ slightly. For example some laptops you have to remove screws from underneath which drive into the keyboard above. If you have any problems or queries please do not worry about calling us or emailing us today.


From £30

We can provide a full quote following diagnostics


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We can provide a full quote following diagnostics

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