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If you have noticed your laptop becoming very hot or switching off after a short period of operation or perhaps begun to hear odd noises from your laptop, then you need to replace your old fan for a new one. If you do not have the time of confidence to replace your fan then our low cost and quick laptop fan replacement service can fix or replace that fan in no time.

We can collect and return your laptop, so don’t hesitate to give our Oxford based repair services a try

The fan assembly within a laptop is a key component and is vital for long term health and performance of the device. The fan removes hot air created from the processor and other key parts of the laptop, to prevent the device from overheating.

Depending on the brand of laptop the difficulty of changing a fan may differ. Some fan replacements you can do at home if you have the correct replacement parts, tools and a steady hand, but if your not to confident in removing the back of your laptop and adjusting internal components then contact us via email or telephone for more details on our replacement service.

How to fix a laptop fan yourself

So you may be wondering how do you perform a fan replacement, well fan replacement is quite simple and straight forward in most instances.

First you need to be sure the fan has failed, as in some cases you may disassemble the laptop to find the fan was jammed up with dust. A burst of air into the fan intake from a compressed air can will usually free it up enough to tell. if you are sure the fan is not spinning, and have the correct equipment for the task, such as a compressed air can, a new compatible fan, small screwdrivers and the service manual for the laptop. We would also recommend an anti static wrist strap to earth yourself so as to minimise the risk to your laptop from static discharge. In some configurations you will also need thermal paste or thermal pads, but the service manual will clarify this and can usually be found on google.

Proceed to disassemble the laptop

Firstly remember to turn off the laptop and unplug all connected devices, then proceed to open the case following the method in the service manual. Remember to keep all the removed pieces such as screws in a safe place such as a cup once removed.

Once you have removed the casing around the fan you may want to take a photo on your phone before disassembling further as an aid to memory later. Consult the service manual to see where the fans plug is located on the motherboard, and for further guidance for removing heat sink and heat pipe if required. The heat sink is the block of copper blades in line with the fan which air flows through and a copper pipe may run from this to the CPU.

If replacing or simply removing the heat sink or heat pipe from the CPU you will have to clean them first and evenly re-apply thermal paste or thermal pad to make a good thermal contact.

These steps may differ depending on the laptop but if you are struggling with any of the steps or your laptop is still suffering fan problems contact us either via email or phone, we will be happy to help for more details check out our contact page.


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We can provide a full quote following diagnostics

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