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It is not uncommon for us to receive a calls from customers describing a computer will not turn on. If this is similar to your case then stay calm, its rarely irrecoverable.

Common causes of computers that will not turn on

  • Power surge blowing the power supply unit (PSU)
  • Aged and leaking capacitors
  • Overheating due to old thermal transfer compound, dust or failing fan
  • Loose component due to movement

If your computer will not start then perform following checks:

  • If the computer switched off during use, try waiting 10 minutes. If the computer then works, but turns off again in due course please call us as it may be overheating
  • Check if there is a power switch at the back of the computer near to where the power cable is plugged in and the switch is in the on position
  • Try plugging the power lead from the monitor directly into the wall and into the PC, if this gives a green light check the fuse in power cord and any multi-plug or surge protector.

Still cannot make your computer to turn on? time to give us a call

After performing these checks and the computer continues to not power on then please call us for further assistance. It is unlikely your data has been affected but a component may need to be replaced.

Computer will not turn on

From £30

We can provide a full quote following diagnostics


1-2 Days

We can provide a full quote following diagnostics

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0330 4455365

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