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OXPC offers a collection, drop off and installation service, and because your time is valuable we also offer an out of hours services.

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Your computer is slow and you don’t know why? Here are the usual suspects.

Your computer is slow because it is old

It is a common misunderstanding that your computer should last as long as you do. Sadly this isn’t the case and we have have to say goodbye to them every five years if we want to keep our hair. New software is designed for new computers, older computers may struggle to run your latest version of your favourite game or accounting application. Remember when buying a PC or latop that as a rule of thumb, the cheaper it is the shorter is optimal working lifespan is going to be. If it was not particularly fast to begin with, its going to be very slow five years later.

Is your computer too slow? or is your internet connection too slow?

It is very easy to confuse the speed of your internet connection and the speed of your computer. If you find that applications such as Microsoft Word or your computer games are not running slowly but your internet browsing is painfully slow then you might find it is actually your internet connection at fault. Check with your ISP to see if they can shed some light, if not give us a call!

If your PC is fast but your internet browsing is slow, and you are also seeing strange browser behaviours such as pop ups and redirection then the cause may be malware, try running the steps at the bottom of this page.

Your computer may be slow because it is overheating

This is also a very common cause of performance issues. Dirt can quickly build up in the vents, fans and heatsinks or the special conductive thermal paste can dry up up reducing its thermal transfer properties. We can quickly resolve this for you.

Computer is slow and the above does not apply, what can I do?

Before doing anything please ensure you have an up to date backup of all your data. When your backup is complete you can try:

  • Running a full antivirus and anti malware scan
  • installing and running CC cleaner, this will remove unused temporary data from your PC
  • remove browser add-ins and extensions from your browsers
  • Throw it out the window, the higher you are the quicker it will reach terminal velocity- Thats pretty fast!

If you are still suffering from slow computer or laptop issues please call us and we would be glad to lend a hand.


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We can provide a full quote following diagnostics


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We can provide a full quote following diagnostics

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