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Common fixes for slow or frozon computer or laptop

If your computer freezes the cause could be either hardware or software. The most common software causes are viruses, or poorly written malware which may be causing your slow computer. If virus and malware scans were clear, but the computer continues to freeze then check the most recently installed applications in ‘Control Panel’.

To find the application list click start type ‘Programs’, then select ‘Programs and Features’. In Programs and features list by ‘Installed Date’ by clicking the on the date column header. If the date your performance issues started coincides with the installation of an application, then perhaps try uninstalling it.

An old or incompatible driver could also be the problem. If you have attached new devices recently, try disconnecting them and restarting the computer.

The most common computer freezing issues related to hardware are usually caused by overheating. The computer can overheat if internal fans have failed or if the heat sinks, which are metal grills covering the chips, are blocked with dust. Overheating can be exacerbated by high ambient temperatures, in which case you may notice greater performance issues and freezing in warmer weather. Expired thermal paste, the paste between the processors and heat sinks, can also cause overheating. Most modern computers shut themselves off when reaching high temperatures, but in some cases the computer may continue to operate but performance and reliability degrades.

In some cases overheating can cause permanent damage to components, which would mean those components may need to be replaced to make the machine stable again.

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